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Saki Festival

Kano, Nigeria

4-9 July 2023

Saki Festival is a 1-day festival featuring Saki weavers and producers and promoting the traditional woven cloth in Kano and other traditional fabrics across Nigeria.


  • Saki weavers and clusters from across Kano.

  • Other woven traditional fabrics from across Nigeria including:

    • Adire: Tie & dye fabrics from Kano, Maiduguri, Abeokuta and Osogbo.

    • Aso-oke: Woven cloth produced by the Yorubas.

    • Akwete: Handwoven cloth produced by the people of Abia State.

    • Bura fabrics: Woven cloth produced by the people of Maiduguri.

    • Anger: Woven cloth produced by the Tiv people of Benue State.

    • Opah/Ojah: Fabric produced by the Aloago people in Nassarawa, Taraba & Kogi.

    • Peletebite: Handwoven fabric of the Ijo Kalabari people of Rivers State.

Register: Simply fill this form here

Interested as a Vendor and/or Sponsor?: Register here

Enquires and questions:

Kassim: 0816 025 8080

Amaju: 0803 585 9475

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