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Kano Food Festival

Kano, Nigeria

29 Jan 2023

Kano Food Festival is a 10-day food sales, exhibition and experience promoting the food and drinks value chain traditions and businesses in Kano for the sophisticated, urbane market and food enthusiasts across diverse cultures. Creating a marketplace for rural, traditional, fusion and modern food culture in Kano.


  • 120 food vendors of diverse categories of food and drinks including cooked food, grains, cereals, condiments, spices and herbs, health and wellness products, dairy products, processed meats, fruits, vegetables and nuts.

  • 4 unique dining arenas juxtaposing traditional and modern sitting and dinning preferences.  

  • The Palace Square: A curated selection of the seasoned chefs and restaurants from the palace community reputed in Kano for unique traditional delicacies with secret recipes that have been passed through generations.

  • Market Rows: Rural markets and Kurmi market features of fresh and scarce food products.

  • Food classes: For traditional food selection, processing, preservation and preparation.

  • Food literature and recipe books for Kano traditional dishes.

  • Competitions for various categories including packaging and innovation.

  • Food and Mystery hunt games for children and visitors.

  • Giveaways and gift raffles from various vendors and sponsors.


N500 daily per person (for attendees and/or vendors)

If you are an attendee, Click here to register

Interested as a Vendor?: Register here

For more information, please contact: +234 803 585 9475

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