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Gold Week Africa

Kano, Nigeria

May 2023

Hosted on the margins of the gold market, Gold Week Africa is a series of gold information sessions for 3 days. The information sessions are targeted at gold experts, stakeholders, retailers and market participants with the aim to:

  • Instruct the continent about the role of gold in the world.

  • Illuminate the journey towards Africa’s golden future.

  • Outline practical steps to unlock the value chain.

  • Highlight the benefits & role that locally sourced gold must play in Nigeria & the region.

  • The path for Kano & Dakar to be the first established gold market centres in Africa.

Hot Topics

  • The gold value chain of West Africa. West Africa’s gold jewelry market.

  • Gold in design and utility. Gold projects: project updates and opportunities.

  • Gold & silver as investment and money.

  • Gold in a digital world: blockchain, innovation and retail.

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