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Dambe Championship

Dala Hill, Kano, Nigeria

10-11 November 2023

Join us in celebrating DAMBE!

A traditional and popular sports festival that has entertained and awed spectators for generations and forms a part of the region's cultural heritage.

What is Dambe?

Dambe as a regional sport has its history in culture, as part of harvest and entertainment in Northern Nigeria and has a significant following in Kano.

It is a form of wrestling that illustrates the longevity of heritage and reflects the popular appreciation of this festive display of athleticism.

The athletes will compete in a series of matches, representing 3 Dambe houses from the region. The house that wins the most fights will be the victors and will receive the Emir’s cup along with a cash prize.


11-12 November 2023

Dala Hill

4pm Daily


12 November 2023

Dala Hill


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